Summer Family Fun In Suffolk

Local Activities For The Kids To Enjoy

Spend time with your little ones this summer at these fantastic Suffolk locations.

With the summer holidays on the horizon, anyone that has booked a staycation in Suffolk this year will be wondering what activities are on offer in this part of the world to keep the entire family occupied. The great news is that the East of England is one of the most family-friendly regions in the entire UK. Whether you’re looking for forest walks, a visit to the beach or day out on a steam train, Suffolk has everything for you to entertain the little ones until the schools go back in September.

Anglia Railway Museum

The village of Chappel is home to the East Anglia Railway museum which is open every day from 10am to 4.30pm throughout the summer holidays. The museum is located at the Chappel & Wakes Colne station from which you can reach Sudbury or Marks Tey as part of your visit. The trainline runs over the 23-metre tall Chappel viaduct with its impressive 32 arches, making it the second longest brick-built structure in England after the Battersea Power station. If your little ones are big fans of Thomas and Friends, they’ll love the Days out with Thomas special event. You can even have a go at driving a train yourself with the Driver for a Fiver instructional experience.

Thetford Forest

High Lodge at Thetford Forest is tremendous fun for children of any age who are staying in Suffolk holiday cottages in the vicinity. Older kids might enjoy the Go Ape experience or Forest Segway, whilst little ones can burn off steam by clambering over the adventure playgrounds or simply devouring a picnic in beautiful surroundings. Walking trails, bike hire and archery activities are all on offer at this fun-filled forest location and there’s even a café for you to stock up on refreshments too.


If you long for some sea air, then Aldeburgh is the place to be. Just walking along the seafront is fun for the little ones as they can count up all the different colours of houses they can see, but of course you’ll also love a stroll along the shingle beach. If you haven’t brought a picnic with you, this is no problem. In fact, it’s a great excuse to tuck into some of Suffolk’s finest eateries – whether you’re looking for fantastic fish and chips, or would prefer to hit the delis, there’s something for everyone, including your little eaters. Make sure you get a photo in front of Maggie Hamlin’s famous Scallop shell sculpture before you head home!

Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park

Jimmy’s Farm is a real treat for the entire family – you can stock up on some sumptuous ingredients for tonight’s dinner, spend time viewing camels, meerkats and wallabies at the wildlife park, or tire the kids out on the enormous outdoor bouncy pillows. You could spend the entire day at Jimmy’s Farm, which is a working farm and also includes an onsite restaurant and tea room in a 200 year old barn.

If you haven’t yet booked your Suffolk family holiday adventure, then now’s the time. Give yourself and your kids the break you deserve this year, by heading to the East of England for a memory-filled staycation.

Sole footwear: what are the benefits?

What is sole footwear, anyway?

When we say, sole footwear, we’re referring to either footwear that contains built-in cushioning insoles, or separate insoles that can be inserted into each shoe.

These specially designed products can work wonders for your feet, ankles and even your lower back by taking the pressure off your feet during movement.

They are vital investments for active people who suffer from foot fatigue or have found themselves suffering from a painful foot-related condition. This is because one of the root causes of all these ailments is lack of support to the arches, balls and heels of the feet – something that sole footwear exists to address.

What happens if your feet remain unsupported?

Our feet are under so much pressure on a day to day basis. They don’t just regulate our movement – they absorb it. While we’re standing, walking or taking exercise, they’re taking the weight of our entire bodies, plus the impact of our activities.

It’s no wonder that if the key areas of our feet are left unsupported, the muscles, bones and tendons that join up these important parts of our anatomy will become sore. For example, the ligaments that run along the bottom of your feet – otherwise known as the plantar fascia – can become worn and torn if they are not provided with adequate cushioning. If neglected, these ligaments begin to tear, leading to the inflammation and discomfort that’s associated with the common condition plantar fasciitis. In a similar way, those who regularly wear flimsy footwear will often develop Achilles tendonitis, Sever’s disease, and all kinds of other unpleasant conditions that will eventually begin to impact their mobility (and, in severe cases, their quality of life).

When you think about the way the body works, it makes sense that lack of support in the feet should lead to pain elsewhere, too. Receiving the right level of support from your shoes and/or insoles will improve the alignment of your feet and ankles, which in turn will reduce the traction forces that cause pain and inflammation in the shins, the knees and further up into the lower back. So by investing in sole footwear, you’re not only looking after your lower limbs – you’re also protecting the rest of your body from unnecessary strain.

Is sole footwear the right solution for you?

Because it’s wearable and relatively affordable, sole footwear is often cited to be the ideal option for those who are concerned about their foot health. But advocates for change are inventing new ways of combatting foot fatigue and foot-related conditions all the time.

One company that’s certainly making waves in this field is OrthoSole. The firm have created a series of easy-to-insert, fully customisable insoles that come with a range of interchangeable pads. These inserts sit directly underneath the metatarsal bones to provide better support to the arches of the feet. The beauty of these products is that they don’t need to be tailored to the individual specifications of the customer; the wearer can pick and choose between the different support pads as they please, and experiment with inserts of different thicknesses until they feel completely comfortable. This kind of system also keeps the price of these customisable insoles down, making them accessible for virtually anyone who wants to improve their foot health.

Why Our Wigs Are The Best in The Business

Fashion moves at an unprecedented pace, with new styles and trends changing every season. From casual wear and formal dress to shoes and accessories, there is always something new on the horizon. Even hairstyles and colours are touched by fashion, as the new cat walk styles we see filter down into our high street salons. But hair fashion is hard to follow as you can’t constantly create different looks, or more importantly different lengths, every week or month. One way to create these looks and stay in style is to follow the fast-growing trend of the celebrities and models, by purchasing a wig to add to your wardrobe.

So much fashion is instigated from our big cities globally, with London being the main fashion scene here in the UK. If you are searching for wigs in London then Mandeville will ensure you are buying a quality handmade hairpiece that will both look and feel amazing.

Of course, wigs are purchased and worn for reasons other than fashion. Natural hair thinning and medical conditions are often the primary reason why people start to consider investing in a wig. However, this in itself can be a daunting process, our hair is our crowning glory, so when we suffer with hair loss our self-confidence is greatly affected. This can make it difficult to ask for help or even know where to begin in finding a solution. However, once you have made the first step and have decided to purchase a wig, you will of course want to know that the wig is good quality, made to measure and will be well fitted. This will provide you with the much-needed reassurance and help restore your self-confidence, making you feel great about your appearance once again.

So, what makes a wig from Mandeville, a great wig?

It is relatively easy to purchase a wig online or from other high street stores. After all, with wigs now being a fashion item you can even pick them up from the market! However, a large majority of these will not be handmade and will be manufactured from sub-standard fabrics and fibres.

A wig from Mandeville on the other hand is made with the backing of over 50 years’ experience. This ensures your purchase is coming directly from one of Europe’s leading specialists in handmade European hair wigs. From the minute you pick up the phone, or walk through the door for a consultation, the team of dedicated designers, and crafts people, will ensure you receive a service which is second to none. From your initial request through to the final fitting and styling you will be dealt with by a professional team. This unique personal service aims to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

The wigs with a strong yet light foundation, weigh less than a gram and will appear virtually invisible against the skin. With 70,000 hairs singly hand knotted onto the foundation you will soon feel that this provides a natural lift and bounce, just like a real head of hair. Your finished handmade wig will also be cut and dressed in the salon by a specialist hairdresser enabling you to choose any style you wish, making you look and feel amazing.

What Happens During a Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Everything You Need to Know Before You Go Ahead

If you want to have a tattoo removed, then laser treatment is your best bet – but what does the treatment involve?

If you are looking to have an unwanted tattoo removed, then you probably have lots of questions about what the process entails. Luckily, you’re in just the right place, as we’re here to talk you through your tattoo removal appointment – as well as the necessary steps you need to take before and after.

Before your appointment

Before you even get to your laser tattoo removal appointment, it’s important to prepare as well as possible. Be sure to talk to the person carrying out your treatment, so that they can advise you on what to do – not only to make it more straightforward, but also to make the experience more comfortable for you. One thing that you should always do is shave the area that is going to be treated beforehand, so that the laser can do its work properly.

The laser removal treatment

So, what exactly does laser tattoo removal involve? Well, your tattoo removal specialist will run a hand-held device over your skin, from which a laser is being emitted. You’re probably wondering if this is very painful. The general consensus is that it feels like an elastic band being pinged against your skin – so not unbearably so. How long a session takes will vary depending on the size of the tattoo, with most lasting between 10-30 minutes.


Once your appointment has finished, you will be asked to focus on the aftercare of the treatment area. Holding an ice pack to your skin will ease any rash or discomfort. The area will also be more sensitive to the sun, so keep it covered and avoid any sunbeds for at least a week – and use sun cream! Aloe vera gel will offer some relief if you need it, and Vaseline should be used on blistering or scabbing. Remember to avoid any perfumed products, as they could irritate the sensitive skin further.

Book with the best

The tattoo removal industry is growing rapidly, and with that comes some less than trustworthy practitioners. It’s important to always arrange your treatment with the best laser tattoo removal London has to offer. Tattoo Removal Experts have experienced technicians, a clean premise and a knowledgeable team who will be able to answer any questions that you may have. For total peace of mind, there’s nowhere better to arrange your treatment.

How long will it take?

Before starting tattoo removal treatment, most people ask how many sessions they will need to complete. There’s no concrete answer to this, as the effectiveness of the laser depends on things like your skin tone and the colour of ink used in your tattoo. A reputable clinic like Tattoo Removal Experts will never get your hopes up by saying it will all be over in a certain amount of sessions before having to let you down.

Will you make the change in 2019?

Now that you know all about what laser tattoo treatment entails, you’ll feel a lot more confident about taking that first step and arranging a consultation. While no one is saying that laser tattoo removal is a quick fix, it is by far the safest and most effective way of getting rid of body art that you have fallen out of love with.

Effective Tips and Tricks to Consider When Selling Your Camera

5 simple steps for a quick camera sale

Selling your old camera doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow our tips and tricks for a quick and easy sale.

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your old Nikon camera; you may no longer enjoy photography, you might want to raise some extra money quickly, or perhaps you’re ready to upgrade to a newer, more advanced model. Whatever your reason, you need to be aware that there’s a lot of competition out there. However, there are some simple steps you can take to give you the edge and help you achieve a quick and easy sale.

Do your research

Before selling your old camera, take some time to do a little bit of research. When putting your equipment up for sale, it’s vital to set the right price – too low and you’ll leave yourself out of pocket, too high and you may struggle to find a buyer. To avoid this situation, take a look on eBay and second-hand camera websites to find out what similar items are selling for, and use this as a guide when it comes to selling your own.

Clean it up

In order to stand out in a competitive marketplace, it’s important to ensure that your used camera looks its best. Cameras can pick up a lot of dust, dirt and smears during day to day use, so you may have to roll up your sleeves and give it a good clean. To clean the camera body, use a small brush to clear out any grit or dust that has collected in the gaps, and give it a wipe down with soft microfibre cloth, tackling any stubborn stains with a little rubbing alcohol. Cleaning the lens itself is a bit more of a delicate procedure, so proceed with caution. An air-blower is an effective tool to remove dust, while a soft, lint-free cloth and lens cleaner can be used to treat any remaining dirt.

Box it up

As well as cleaning your used photography equipment, it’s also worth hunting down its original packaging if you still have it, as cameras that are sold in the original box tend to sell more quickly and fetch a higher price than those without. While you’re at it, try to find the original accessories (user manual, camera strap, software), as these will also make your camera more attractive to potential buyers.

Take good photos

If you’re selling your Nikon camera online, you will need to take some photographs of your equipment in order to help secure a sale. It’s surprising how many online ads are let down by blurry, dark, or simply poor-quality photographs, so take a little time to get it right. Make sure you take images that are well-lit and in focus, and that showcase the features of your camera in the best possible light. If your equipment has any flaws or damage, make sure your photographs show this. Being honest now will help to avoid complaints further down the line.

Find the right sales platform

Once your camera is sale-ready, you will need to decide how and where you will sell it. Online auction sites are a popular choice with many people and, with protection for sellers, this can be a sensible option. However, you’re likely to be competing against many other similar listings which could mean that you have to wait a little longer before achieving a sale.

Another option is to go through one of the many second-hand dealers that sell used Nikon camera equipment. The dealer will obviously take a cut, but it’s a quick and convenient process, with an immediate quote and immediate payment that takes all the hassle out of selling your old camera.

Getting rid of your unwanted camera doesn’t have to be stressful. By following these hints and tips, you’ll soon find a buyer for your old equipment, and the only thing you will need to worry about is what to buy with that extra cash.

Embarking on Your First Golf Break Journey

A golfing holiday is the perfect escape from the day to day grind, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just learning your game.

Our leisure time is more precious to us than ever, especially when it comes to getting away from home and work commitments for a few days. Golfing holidays have soared in popularity over recent years, as they offer an opportunity for a taste of luxury but also provide something a little more engaging than simply sitting around in the sun.

There are golfing holidays to meet every taste and budget, and whether you are looking for golf breaks UK for a few days, or a week or two away overseas, it is worth exploring one of the golf tour operators to get the best deal. But there are some basic tips to keep in mind regardless of where you plan to go and how much you want to spend.

Get some impartial advice

Visit the websites of 20 golf courses and of course they will all tell you how wonderful they are. Sometimes they will be absolutely right, but on other occasions, those glossy images can look less impressive in real life. If you know someone who has personal experience, then that counts for a lot. If not, consult a tour operator who specialises in golf holidays. They will have a range of destinations available and will give you an unbiased view on each – after all, the success of their business depends on ensuring you have a wonderful time!

Get value from your hotel

A luxury suite with every available amenity sounds great, and if you are having a luxury break with your nearest and dearest, it could be perfect. But if it’s just you and a golfing buddy, and you are going to be out by 8AM every morning, returning for a quick shower, then changing late afternoon and spending the evening relaxing in the restaurant or bar, it’s possible that something clean and comfortable but more basic is going to serve you perfectly well at a fraction of the price.

Any time is tee time?

You might have raised an eyebrow at the mention of being out before 8AM. After all, this is supposed to be a holiday. However, while a leisurely breakfast and strolling across to tee off at 11:30 AM might sound idyllic, you risk finding yourself stuck in the golfing equivalent of the M25 at rush hour. If you can be on the course before 9AM, your round of golf will be far more relaxing, with little or no waiting around. If you have chosen an overseas resort in a hot climate, you will also be playing in far more comfortable conditions. What’s more, you’ll be done by early afternoon, and will have time on your hands to relax or explore before your evening activities.

Avoid hidden costs

Planning your own “no frills” golf tour might sound tempting, but if you go down that route, you need to be very careful. Make sure you read the small print, or you could end up facing hefty costs, for example if you require transportation or golf buggies. This is another reason it makes sense to book through an operator, as they will go through all your requirements and make sure you know exactly what you are getting and what costs are entailed.

Trends To Follow In The Beauty Industry

Pinterest Reveals Most Popular Beauty Secrets

Hair, nails, skincare and makeup trends to help you stand out from the crowd in 2019.

Social media and the beauty industry have become inextricably linked, with celebrity influencers and beauty brands representing some of the most followed and active profiles on social platforms. So when sites such as Pinterest reveal some of this year’s most popular beauty secrets, it’s safe to say that engaged followers of all things related to hair, skin and makeup, are eager to hear more about the latest trends. Here are some of the most exciting!

Baby Bangs

Also known as mini fringes, these are typically quite short and hang just above the brow area. Style icon Emma Watson is one of the biggest celebrities to bring this trend to the beauty world, and she’s caused quite a stir, with internet searches for ‘short fringes’ increasing by a whopping 51%. It’s a reasonably flexible look but baby bang enthusiasts tend to opt for a choppy or blunt version of the style.

Dip Powder Manicures

Chipped nail polish is one of the most offensive looks out there, and there’s just no need for it with methods such as powder dipped nails to keep you looking glam. Gel manicures have of course been a favourite for a while now, and the powder treatment offers an alternative which can last for up to a month. There are home kits available, but due to the levels of chemical involved, it’s always safest to visit a salon and have a licensed professional carry out both the manicure and removal.

Embracing The Grey

Although there are also some experimental hair shades out there at the moment, lilac being one of the most notable, there’s also a surge in women letting their natural grey locks shine through. But most impressively, celebrities like Dannii Minogue are setting an example of how to show off their grey with style, whilst still looking as trim and toned as a woman half her age at the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards. For those investing in wigs London salons are able to help you embrace the grey trend by hand-blending a selection of natural tones to suit the silver goddess in you.

Perfecting That Pout

Forget the natural look when it comes to your lips though – nude is out in favour of the pout! And this is actually a really handy way to make a statement with your makeup, without having to spend hours contouring or layering your eyeshadow. When it comes to your lips, the bolder the better is the take-home message. Experiment with bright reds, passionate purples or chocolate browns to draw all the attention to your lips. And if you’re looking for a look that lasts all day, then liquid matte lipsticks are the way to go.

Natural Tricks

With the war on plastics and the rise in veganism, it’s not a surprise that many beauty followers are interested in how mother nature can enhance their appearance. Using witch hazel to soothe various skin ailments is securely back in fashion, along with consumers using natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil and aloe vera to lengthen and lift their lashes. It’s likely that we’ll see a further rise yet in this particular trend as passionate consumers become even more committed to sustainable beauty practices.

It’s fascinating to keep updated with the latest beauty trends on social media – so choose your favourite brands and influencers and keep an eye on their latest tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd in 2019.

Struggling To Lose Weight? Try Hypnosis for Weight Loss

The exciting new treatment that’s taking the diet world by storm

If you’re struggling to shed the pounds, try hypnotherapy-based treatment for effective and sustained weight loss.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Well, the good news is you’re not alone. Britain is a nation obsessed with losing weight; two thirds of us claim to be on a diet ‘most of the time’ and the diet and weight loss industry is worth a staggering £2 billion. However, despite this, the UK has one of the highest rates of obesity in Europe, with more than 65% of adults classed as obese or overweight – so something clearly isn’t working.

Brain battles

For many people, the main obstacle standing in the way of sustained weight loss is will power – or the lack thereof. We all know that, in order to lose weight, you need to eat healthier and exercise more, but when you lead a busy lifestyle and the temptation of junk food seems to lie around every corner, this can often be easier said than done.

To make things even more difficult, some studies show that our brain can work against us, going into ‘starvation mode’ when we start cutting calories, and making it even more difficult to shed the pounds.

Fad diets and extreme measures

There are always fad diets out there, and many people turn to these, looking for quick fix. However, while they can facilitate speedy weight loss, they’re virtually impossible to stick to indefinitely, and followers often find themselves piling the pounds back on once they return to their usual eating habits.

In desperation, some people even choose to go under the knife with a gastric bypass or gastric band surgery. While this option undoubtedly gets results, it carries the risk of complications and does nothing to address any underlying issues with food that cause people to overeat.

Hypnosis for weight loss

A gentler, but highly effective alternative is hypnosis for weight loss. Relatively new to the diet scene, this method of weight loss is gaining in popularity, with many clients seeing visible results.

So, what is hypnosis for weight loss? Simply speaking, it is a method of treatment that combines hypnotherapy and visualisation techniques with more traditional counselling approaches, such as talking therapies and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Using psychology as a diagnostic and treatment tool, hypnosis-based weight loss therapy aims to identify and resolve clients’ problematic relationship with food, furnishing them with the techniques they need to change their attitude towards eating, which in turn helps them to lose weight safely and effectively.

Long term results

Unlike the ‘quick fix’ fad diets which are so popular in some quarters, by focusing on changing the way you think about food, weight loss hypnotherapy offers a long-term lifestyle change. And this approach, combined with follow-up support, and nutrition and diet advice makes it that much easier to keep the weight off for good.

It may sound a little unconventional, but hypnosis can be an effective weight loss solution. So, if you’re one of the many people who struggles to maintain a healthy weight, and you need a little help to get the body you want, why not harness the power of the brain and give hypnosis for weight loss a try?

Why Bi Folding Doors Are the Nation’s Favourite Choice

bifolding doors

Bi Folding Doors Are the Obvious Choice to Add Light and Convenience

The craze for bi folding doors that kicked off last year shows no sign of abating. What makes them so popular in extension and renovation projects?

Watch any interior décor or home makeover show like Grand Designs on TV, and it won’t be long before somebody mentions bi folding doors. They certainly serve to transform the look of a home, adding light and a sense of spaciousness. But there is more to them than that.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of bi folding doors to understand why their description of “the nation’s favourite choice” has more to it than mere sales patter.

Slim and stylish bifolding doors

Bifolding doors have slimmer frames and profiles than traditional sliding or French doors. It makes for a contemporary look that rejuvenates the appearance of the home, yet doesn’t look out of place on a period property. In addition, it can add thousands to your home’s market value when the time comes to sell and move on.

Easy to operate bifolds

One of the downsides to conventional patio doors is that they are not always the most user friendly of things. Sliding doors are heavy and prone to sticking if debris gets on the runners, as it inevitably will in time. Bi folding doors are light and convenient, which is a real boon if you have either young or old family members, who might otherwise struggle getting a sliding door open and closed.

And easy to access doors

With bi folding doors, you don’t have that lower lip to the frame that is inevitable with other types of door. For fit and able-bodied people, that might not be important, but for those with limited mobility who rely on walking aids or a wheelchair, a step-free transition in and out is exactly what is needed.

Top notch security

An open space between the inside and out is perfect on a warm summer’s day, or when you want to let fresh air into the home. But it might give cause for concern when the house is empty. Bi folding doors come equipped with the latest locks and security features, which is why they are as popular on commercial premises as they are in domestic homes.

Energy efficiency bifold doors

There was a time when lots of glass meant lots of headaches in terms of keeping the room warm in winter. Thankfully, those days are behind us, and today’s bi folding doors boast outstanding thermal efficiency thanks to the modern glass technology they use. What can be more gratifying than sitting toasty warm in your house watching a winter snowscape on the other side of the glass?

Outstanding versatility

A modern home needs to be all things to all people. A sanctuary from the hustle bustle of daily life, an entertaining space for friends, even a workplace for the growing number of us who work remotely from home. Bifolding doors provide the versatility to open up your home, and make a seamless transition between house and garden when you want to – and to shut the rest of the world away when you don’t.

Christmas Weekend Getaways Around London

Christmas around London

Festive Breaks in Hertfordshire

When it comes to magical winter weekend getaways in Hertfordshire, Beales Hotel is the only place to stay.

It hardly seems possible, but Christmas is now a matter of weeks away. Booking a weekend break in a hotel before or during the festive season may not be something that you’ve considered before, but once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner! Here are four occasions where a stay at the best hotel in Hertfordshire could be the perfect winter treat.

A shopping break

If you’re planning to set aside a day or two for your Christmas shopping, then why not check into Beales Hotel for the weekend so you can shop in style? You’ll be able to take advantage of the great shops in Hatfield and the larger Hertfordshire area, picking up presents for your loved ones from a mixture of department stores and independent boutiques. Then when you are done, you can head back to your plush hotel room and put your feet up – or enjoy a well-deserved glass of bubbly in the buzzing hotel bar!

Relax and unwind

We all know that the run-up to Christmas can be stressful. There’s the aforementioned shopping, plus planning your Christmas Day menu – and then if you’re a parent you’ve got to think of ways to keep the kids amused for a fortnight! If you’re feeling overwhelmed this year, take a day or two for yourself and book a weekend stay at Beales. You’ll be looked after by an experienced team, and you can unwind with dinner and drinks in the hotel’s acclaimed restaurant. No request is too much for the staff at Beales Hotel, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Make the most of local attractions

Harry Potter experience Christmas

There’s lots going on in Hertfordshire this Christmas, so why not plan an action-packed weekend break? Whether you are a couple wanting to catch a show at the theatre followed by a cosy night in a luxurious hotel room, or parents wanting to enjoy a day out at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour with their kids before a festive family meal, Beales Hotel Hatfield is the ideal base. Why not invite your loved ones to come and join in whatever fun you have planned for the weekend? The hotel has great transport links and parking facilities, making it suitable for guests travelling from far and wide.

A post-Christmas treat

Weekend breaks are a really good idea for those looking for something to do in the quieter period between Christmas and New Year. After all, why should the festive magic stop after Christmas Day? You could hit the post Christmas sales, enjoy a brisk winter walk in one of Hertfordshire’s spots of natural beauty, or just relax in luxurious modern surroundings without needing to worry about cooking, cleaning or any of those mundane household chores! New Year’s Eve is the party event of the year, so recharging in the days leading up to it makes perfect sense.

Book with Beales today!

It doesn’t matter whether you want to party the night away or cosy up in your winter pyjamas – a stay at Beales is the perfect way to spend a winter weekend. Availability at the leading Hertfordshire hotel is limited, so be sure to book your room soon to avoid disappointment! Then you can look forward to a Christmas break that’s all about you.