Why Bi Folding Doors Are the Nation’s Favourite Choice

bifolding doors

Bi Folding Doors Are the Obvious Choice to Add Light and Convenience

The craze for bi folding doors that kicked off last year shows no sign of abating. What makes them so popular in extension and renovation projects?

Watch any interior décor or home makeover show like Grand Designs on TV, and it won’t be long before somebody mentions bi folding doors. They certainly serve to transform the look of a home, adding light and a sense of spaciousness. But there is more to them than that.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of bi folding doors to understand why their description of “the nation’s favourite choice” has more to it than mere sales patter.

Slim and stylish bifolding doors

Bifolding doors have slimmer frames and profiles than traditional sliding or French doors. It makes for a contemporary look that rejuvenates the appearance of the home, yet doesn’t look out of place on a period property. In addition, it can add thousands to your home’s market value when the time comes to sell and move on.

Easy to operate bifolds

One of the downsides to conventional patio doors is that they are not always the most user friendly of things. Sliding doors are heavy and prone to sticking if debris gets on the runners, as it inevitably will in time. Bi folding doors are light and convenient, which is a real boon if you have either young or old family members, who might otherwise struggle getting a sliding door open and closed.

And easy to access doors

With bi folding doors, you don’t have that lower lip to the frame that is inevitable with other types of door. For fit and able-bodied people, that might not be important, but for those with limited mobility who rely on walking aids or a wheelchair, a step-free transition in and out is exactly what is needed.

Top notch security

An open space between the inside and out is perfect on a warm summer’s day, or when you want to let fresh air into the home. But it might give cause for concern when the house is empty. Bi folding doors come equipped with the latest locks and security features, which is why they are as popular on commercial premises as they are in domestic homes.

Energy efficiency bifold doors

There was a time when lots of glass meant lots of headaches in terms of keeping the room warm in winter. Thankfully, those days are behind us, and today’s bi folding doors boast outstanding thermal efficiency thanks to the modern glass technology they use. What can be more gratifying than sitting toasty warm in your house watching a winter snowscape on the other side of the glass?

Outstanding versatility

A modern home needs to be all things to all people. A sanctuary from the hustle bustle of daily life, an entertaining space for friends, even a workplace for the growing number of us who work remotely from home. Bifolding doors provide the versatility to open up your home, and make a seamless transition between house and garden when you want to – and to shut the rest of the world away when you don’t.

Christmas Weekend Getaways Around London

Christmas around London

Festive Breaks in Hertfordshire

When it comes to magical winter weekend getaways in Hertfordshire, Beales Hotel is the only place to stay.

It hardly seems possible, but Christmas is now a matter of weeks away. Booking a weekend break in a hotel before or during the festive season may not be something that you’ve considered before, but once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner! Here are four occasions where a stay at the best hotel in Hertfordshire could be the perfect winter treat.

A shopping break

If you’re planning to set aside a day or two for your Christmas shopping, then why not check into Beales Hotel for the weekend so you can shop in style? You’ll be able to take advantage of the great shops in Hatfield and the larger Hertfordshire area, picking up presents for your loved ones from a mixture of department stores and independent boutiques. Then when you are done, you can head back to your plush hotel room and put your feet up – or enjoy a well-deserved glass of bubbly in the buzzing hotel bar!

Relax and unwind

We all know that the run-up to Christmas can be stressful. There’s the aforementioned shopping, plus planning your Christmas Day menu – and then if you’re a parent you’ve got to think of ways to keep the kids amused for a fortnight! If you’re feeling overwhelmed this year, take a day or two for yourself and book a weekend stay at Beales. You’ll be looked after by an experienced team, and you can unwind with dinner and drinks in the hotel’s acclaimed restaurant. No request is too much for the staff at Beales Hotel, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Make the most of local attractions

Harry Potter experience Christmas

There’s lots going on in Hertfordshire this Christmas, so why not plan an action-packed weekend break? Whether you are a couple wanting to catch a show at the theatre followed by a cosy night in a luxurious hotel room, or parents wanting to enjoy a day out at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour with their kids before a festive family meal, Beales Hotel Hatfield is the ideal base. Why not invite your loved ones to come and join in whatever fun you have planned for the weekend? The hotel has great transport links and parking facilities, making it suitable for guests travelling from far and wide.

A post-Christmas treat

Weekend breaks are a really good idea for those looking for something to do in the quieter period between Christmas and New Year. After all, why should the festive magic stop after Christmas Day? You could hit the post Christmas sales, enjoy a brisk winter walk in one of Hertfordshire’s spots of natural beauty, or just relax in luxurious modern surroundings without needing to worry about cooking, cleaning or any of those mundane household chores! New Year’s Eve is the party event of the year, so recharging in the days leading up to it makes perfect sense.

Book with Beales today!

It doesn’t matter whether you want to party the night away or cosy up in your winter pyjamas – a stay at Beales is the perfect way to spend a winter weekend. Availability at the leading Hertfordshire hotel is limited, so be sure to book your room soon to avoid disappointment! Then you can look forward to a Christmas break that’s all about you.

5 Ways To Lose Weight Ready For Christmas and New Year

xmas weight loss

Your Dream Body Can Become a Reality!

We’re all different, and for every person there’s a perfect way to lose those extra pounds for good.

We have all struggled with our weight at some point in our lives. Whether you’re trying to regain your pre-baby body, are fighting the dreaded middle-aged spread or your weight has yo-yoed since you were a child, it can be hard to achieve and then maintain your weight loss. To help you out a little, here are five simple, non-invasive and effective ways to lose weight and feel great.

Join a weight loss group

Joining a local weight loss group is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. Not only will you be able to take advantage of expert advice each week, but you will be able to connect with people who are embarking on a similar journey to you. You’ll be able to share tips, spur each other on and support each other during difficult moments.  For many people, this access to a community is simply invaluable.

Ditch unhealthy foods

Making simple food swaps will allow you to drop a few pounds without even feeling like you are trying! Opt for baked potatoes instead of greasy chips, ditch sweets in favour of fruit and sip on water instead of fizzy drinks. Just a few swaps can make a world of difference, and soon you’ll be making healthier choices by default, whether you’re eating in or out. Starting small can reap big rewards.

Try hypnosis

The only problem with eating healthily and working out regularly is making it stick. For some people, nothing works until their relationship with food is looked at and changed. That’s where the team at Gastric Mind Band come in. Their hypnosis for weight loss can change the way you eat for good, and unlike surgical weight loss treatments there is no recovery time. So a huge variety of people can give it a go!

outdoor yoga classUse your smartphone

We’re all glued to our phones these days, so why not use yours to help you lose weight? There are so many weight loss and fitness apps that you can download, and many of them are free too. Whether you want to pick up some tips, find some recipes, make a note of how many calories you are consuming or you need regular reminders to work out, your phone could help you to meet both your short and long-term goals.

Try a new workout

If you find that you get bored working out, then make a promise to yourself to a new fitness class every week. A quick internet search will tell you what is going on in your area. If you can’t bear pounding the pavements, switch your daily jog for a dance class. Or if you’re finding the gym a little monotonous, unleash your inner weight loss warrior with some kick boxing. Keeping your workouts exciting will help you to stay motivated.

Here’s to a new you!

With the party season just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to shape up. By taking inspiration from the above tips though, you’ll be able to look great not only throughout the festive season, but into the new year and beyond too. So why not make a change today? You’ll thank yourself for it this time next year!

Xmas Gift Ideas – Luxury Watches

Shreve luxury watch

The Perfect Gift For Someone Special

If you want to take a loved one’s breath away this Christmas, then treat them to a luxury watch.

Are you struggling to make any headway with your Christmas shopping? Then you’re certainly not alone! With the festive season fast approaching, plenty of us are feeling stressed out about what to buy our family and friends in our lives for Christmas. If you want to give a gift that really has the wow factor, then why not buy that special someone a luxury watch this year? Here’s why they make the perfect gifts.

Useful and beautiful

It’s not often that you find a gift that is beautiful and useful, but a watch ticks both of those boxes. Not only will someone make use of it multiple times a day, but if you buy a watch from one of the world’s most iconic brands it will look stunning too. Some people argue that you don’t need a watch in the age of the smartphone – but looking at your wrist is much easier than trying to find your phone.

xmas gifts

Timelessly elegant

We’ve already touched on this a little, but a luxury watch really does look great. You can really tell the difference between a watch made by one of the most iconic brands in the world and one that’s been bought on the high street. Timepieces crafted by the world’s best watchmakers never go out of style, and are adorned with sparkling gemstones and precious metals. There’s just no comparison.

A gift with meaning

A watch can be a very symbolic and personal gift, making them ideal for the most special people in your life. You could treat a loved one to a watch they have always coveted, perhaps something like an iconic Hublot Big Bang or a timeless Rolex Submariner. What better gift could there be than a watch that they have dreamed of owning for years? You could choose to add a personal touch to their new timepiece with an engraved message that holds a deep meaning for you both.

Built to last

A luxury watch is something that is built to last for years, thanks to the incredible skill and attention to detail that has gone into the crafting of each one. So it’s not only a gift that can stand up to the rigours of daily use with ease, but something that can be passed down through the generations too. It certainly beats a new pair of socks, no matter how fancy they may be!

Shop with the best

If you’re going to splash out on a beautiful watch for a loved one this Christmas, then it’s important to buy it from one of the best suppliers in the business. Luxe Watches are one of the leading stockists of pre-loved designer watches in London, and will be able to guide you through the buying process. With knowledgeable customer service staff, an expert repairs team and a selection of great payment plans, it’s clear to see why they’re the favourite of discerning London shoppers.

It’s time to start shopping!

Now that you know why watches make the perfect Christmas presents, why not start shopping? The friendly team at Luxe Watches will be able to talk you through the selection that they have on offer, and you’d be hard pushed to find better prices for luxury watches elsewhere in London. So, tick the person who has everything off your Christmas list this week!

Romantic Weekends Away In Greater London

West Lodge Park Hotel

Treat your partner with a romantic trip to the capital

From scenic parks to stunning views and luxury hotels, London offers plenty of romantic activities for visiting couples to enjoy.

We all need a bit of romance in our lives, and with plenty to see and do, Greater London is a great option for a romantic weekend away. Here are some of our top activity picks for loved up couples in the capital.

Dinner with a view

London is known for its iconic skyline, and the city offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy dinner with a view. Situated on level 31 of The Shard, Aqua Shard combines inventive contemporary British cuisine with awe-inspiring views over the city. Alternatively, you might want to grab a bite at the Savage Garden rooftop bar which serves up 360-degree views of London landmarks alongside its interesting and innovative menu.

Park picnic

London is blessed with a wealth of parks and green spaces, from the expanse of Hyde Park and its neighbouring Kensington Gardens to the secret peaceful oasis of Chelsea Physic Garden. So grab a blanket, some delicious food, and perhaps a bottle of bubbly, and head to your favourite park for an afternoon of picnicking and people watching.

Cruise down the canal

Escape the crowds and hustle and bustle of the city centre, and head to the peaceful and romantic haven of Little Venice. Take a calming cruise down the canal, stroll down the towpath and enjoy views of the colourful narrowboats, or stop for coffee at a canal-side café and simply sit and watch the world go by.

Stop and smell the flowers

Take some time to stop and smell the flowers with a visit to Kew Gardens. This UNESCO World Heritage Site combines stunning landscapes and exotic blooms, and couples can enjoy tours of the impressive glasshouses and galleries, and romantic strolls through the tranquil grounds. The gardens are also home to the Treetops Walkway which towers 18 metres above the ground and offers breathtaking views of the gardens and beyond, including the London skyline and Wembley Stadium.

Watch the sun go down

What could be more romantic than snuggling up with your partner and watching a beautiful sunset? Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath offers the perfect vantage point to watch the sun go down over the city, and is definitely worth the climb. So grab your loved one and settle in to enjoy the beautiful views across London.

Go stargazing

There is something intrinsically romantic about star spotting and gazing at the night skies – and the Royal Observatory in Greenwich offers you the opportunity to do just that.  It runs regular stargazing sessions, where participants can look through the 18 tonne Victorian telescope, quiz astronomers and enjoy a glass of fizz. If you prefer to go it alone, head to the meadow at Morden Hall Park which has been recommended by the Evening Standard as a top stargazing spot.

Enjoy a luxury stay

After all those romantic activities you’ll need somewhere to lay your head down and rest. Take a break from the madness of the city and head to West Lodge Park – a luxury hotel in Hertfordshire.

Despite being just a stone’s throw from the capital, West Lodge Park is the perfect rural retreat in which to relax and recharge your batteries. And with 35 acres of tranquil grounds, you can round off your weekend with a relaxing and romantic countryside walk.

The Ultimate Kids Parties

The Ultimate Kids Parties

Planning the perfect celebration for your little one


You don’t need a celebrity budget to throw an entertaining and memorable child’s party that your little one will love.


There was a time when all you needed for a successful child’s party was a few balloons, some party games and the obligatory jelly and ice-cream. However, with the rise of celebrity culture and the prevalence of social media, many parents are now going all-out to throw the ultimate celebration, spending thousands of dollars on elaborate mega-parties in impressive locations with no expense spared.


While these parties may be fun to observe from afar, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need to go to these lengths to throw a great party for your little one.



When it comes to putting on a great event, preparation is absolutely key. Think about the type of party you want to throw and where you want to hold it. Popular event venues often get booked up far in advance, so if you have somewhere specific in mind be sure to book it in plenty of time. Now is also a good time to decide whether you want to throw a themed party. Parties with a theme, such as superheroes or under-the-sea for example, can be great fun and will also influence other aspects of the event such as décor, invitations and the birthday cake.



Wherever you decide to hold your party, clever decorations can help you to transform the space into something magical and memorable. Balloons are back in fashion in a big way, so fill your party room with lots of helium balloons in your child’s favourite colours and combine with bunting or paper lanterns for an impressive party space that doesn’t cost the earth.



The most important part of any party is, of course, the entertainment. Finding the right entertainment can make or break your party and, these days, a few rounds of musical chairs and pass the parcel, no longer cuts the mustard. For the ultimate kids’ party you need to put a bit more thought and effort into how you will keep your little guests entertained.


There are a lots of great options out there, from magicians and discos, to soft play and bouncy castles, and the one that will work best for your party depends on a number of factors, including the number and age of your guests, the location of your party and your budget.


Making sure that people are kept entertained for the duration of the party can be stressful, so you might want to take the pressure off by hiring a children’s entertainer. These can offer a whole array of services, including mini discos, party games and competitions, bubble machines, magic shows and even karaoke. A good entertainer will tailor their offering to the age group of your party, so you can be sure your guests will have a great time whether they’re toddlers or ‘tweenagers’.


Hiring a child’s entertainer is becoming an increasingly popular option, so if it’s something you’re considering, make sure you plan in advance. A popular kids’ party entertainer in Kent recommends booking your entertainment as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Party bags

It’s traditional to thank guests for attending your party by presenting them with a goody bag as they leave. Often, these bags contain some plastic tat, a few sweets and a squashed piece of birthday cake, but that doesn’t have to be the case. For something a little more memorable, get crafty and make your own bag; fill it with home-made sweet treats, or a colouring book and pack of pencils for a sugar-free alternative. If this all seems like a little too much effort, you can always cheat by opting for convenient pre-filled party bags. We promise not to tell!


Every parent wants to make their child’s party as special as possible, whether it’s their first birthday or their sixteenth. With careful planning and a focus on great entertainment you can throw an amazing party that your little one will really love.

Five Corporate Team Building Activities to Boost Office Morale

Five Corporate Team Building Activities to Boost Office Morale

Motivate, inform and inspire your staff with these team building event ideas London. Not only will it boost the teams’ morale and turn the team into a tight knit group, but the business will reap the benefits of a more productive and upbeat team.


Here are five corporate team building activities guaranteed to boost office morale – as told by the experts Zing Events!


Cooking up a storm

This team cooking event is a fun, hands on cookery workshop where teams go head-to-head to produce outstanding Asian food. Each team will go ahead during the cooking event to compete for the title of top chef. Working with professional chefs, the group will learn a few tricks of the trade that the team can use at the next dinner party to impress their friends.

Crime scene investigation

If you’re looking for something challenging and testing for your team, the crime scene investigation team building event is for you. This is the most immersive and thrilling team building experience out there. The team will be put through a series of forensic challenges to give them the opportunity to solve cases through real-life methods employed by crime scene investigators.

GPS treasure hunt

The GPS treasure hunt is a fully interactive activity that provides a unique and interesting way to explore a location! Teams will work hard together to answer interactive questions and complete fun challenges on iPad’s. The GPS treasure hunt game has also been adapted into a city explorer tour, spy school and a pub crawl – so there’s something for everyone!

No ordinary quiz

‘No ordinary quiz’ is a corporate quiz team building activity for a fun interactive evening at a highly professional level. The quiz show will be made up of your selected rounds, featuring questions, video clips, audio clips and activities. There are dozens of rounds to choose from, including technology, sport, music, history and travel.

Crystal game show

The crystal game show is a mash up of Zing Events two most popular activities; the crystal challenge and game show style activities. The group will be divided into teams, sat at tables ready to entre each of the zones and complete as many tasks as possible in the allotted time.


There are so many ways in which team building events can be made extra special; all it takes is a little research and planning for a fun day. If you’re not up for the planning part, leave it to the professionals who will make sure the event delivers on every front.

A successful team outing will ensure team members return back to work with full gusto. The productivity will soar, and your business will reap the benefits of a happy team!

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Car


Avoid the Forecourts and the Classifieds by Selling Online

Today we can do almost anything online, and that includes selling a car. It’s hassle-free and gets you a fair market price.

Selling a car is a pain. It’s something all of us have to do from time to time, yet for many, the stress and aggravation of getting rid of your old car takes much of the shine away from the excitement of driving off in your new one.

Bizarrely enough, this is one area in which the lower the value of the car, the more stressful it can be. If you’ve got a three year old luxury saloon in perfect condition, you can go to any number of reputable sources, get an accurate idea of what it is worth and sell it without hassle.

If it’s a 15 year old banger with little or no MOT however, what then? Fortunately, even if it’s the end of the road for your old car, the miracle of the internet age is that you can get a scrap car quote online that is every bit as reliable as the valuations others will provide on something high end.

They buy, they pay, they take it away

Services of this type are nothing new, and companies like webuyanycar have been operating successfully for years. They base their valuation on market conditions without the tyre kicking and haggling that has blighted the used car market since time immemorial, meaning you get a price that is fair for everyone.

Could you get more selling it privately? Perhaps – after all, webuyanycar have to cover their costs. But the real question is whether the cost, time and inconvenience of advertising it, dealing with viewers and arguing over the price is really worth an extra couple of hundred pounds that might never appear.

Scrapping made simple

In the case of a scrap car, the online option is even more compelling. The webuyanycar type sites will indeed buy anything, but if you try to sell a scrapper, you will not walk away with much in your pocket. They charge a transaction fee of £50, and when the car might only be worth £100 or so, that makes a big dent! Then there is the fact that you need to take the car to them – if it’s already failed its MOT, that’s not going to be practical.

Specialist scrap car buyers have the infrastructure in place to give you an instant quote, pay you the money online then come and collect the car on a transporter. They even deal with the DVLA paperwork to confirm that the car has been disposed of correctly and in keeping with environmental regulations.

In creating this piece we conducted a test using a 20 year old vehicle that had failed its MOT.

Webuyanycar offered £130 for the vehicle, but this was subject to a £50 fee. The scrap car specialist quoted £75, which they would pay by immediate bank transfer, and this included collecting the vehicle and dealing with the paperwork.

We also advertised the car privately, and were inundated with calls over a week long period. These resulted in two people actually turning up to view the vehicle and a best offer of £80.

Clearly, the price offered by the scrap company was a fair market value – it represents the only sensible way of scrapping a car in the internet age.

How to Brighten Your Living Space

How to Brighten Your Living Space

Whether you live in a shared townhouse, a family home or an apartment on your own, inside your four walls should be a place of comfort and relaxation.

Natural light is a known mood enhancer and is therefor the perfect way to make your home feel brighter and bigger. Here are five easy ways to create a bright and luminous living space which will effortlessly boost your well-being.

Use neutral shade paint

Dark colours absorb light, so when it comes to painting your walls it’s important to keep things light. The best way to do this is by sticking to a neutral palette, such as whites, greys and creams.

Lighter hues will instantly bright up any sized room, and accessories can be added afterwards to add a touch (or a lot!) of colour.

Install bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors are a great way of bringing the outdoors in by integrating the home and the garden seamlessly. Bi folding door installers london can install wall-to-wall glass into commercial and residential builds, which will transform any dark space and bring a huge amount of natural light into the rooms. Bi-folding doors are perfect for optimising the light coming into your home, connecting your living space seamlessly with the outdoors.

Let the natural light in

A great way to flood a room with natural light is to add glass panelling to the front door. The glass will allow the daylight to beam through into the hallway and illuminate the surrounding areas. Frosted glass is also another great way to achieve this, while retaining the feeling of privacy.

Reinvent with roof windows

Roof windows on a conservatory allow sunlight to enter a room from the highest point, making them an intense and direct source of light.

They reduce the need for “cold” artificial light and instead let natural light flood in for a brighter-feeling home.

Clear your clutter

A simple way to create a light and stress-free space is to declutter! Overcrowded bookshelves and too many wall hangings can make a room feel smaller and darker than it is. You can avoid this by having regular clear-outs to remove anything that isn’t needed.

What to See and Do in Hatfield

What to See and Do in Hatfield

Hatfield is a town of Saxon origin, located just 22 miles north of London in central Hertfordshire. The town had a close relationship with the aviation industry throughout the 20th century and is now a popular town for commuters.

Read all about what to see and do in the bustling town!


Things to see and do in Hatfield

Stunning stately homes, exciting days out, cultural escapes and memories that will last a lifetime – Hatfield is the perfect place for your next short break in England.

Just 20 minutes by train from London, our lush green town is brimming with exciting things to see and do.

Hatfield House, just 21 miles of north London, is a stunning Jacobean House with gardens set in a spectacular countryside setting. Here you can explore the 400-year-old home and stroll through the impeccably tidy and brightly coloured gardens.

The Mill Green Museum & Mill provides a local history museum for the Welwyn & Hatfield District. Housed within the home of millers who once worked the adjoining watermill, the mill has now been fully restored and is operational. Visit the interactive museum to see how the mill grinds organic flour and see the waterwheel in action. It’s a great museum for a family day out.

The Galleria in Hatfield is an outlet shopping centre with over 80 shops, covering the best of the high street names as well as more specialised stores. The shopping outlets include Ben Sherman, Calvin Klein and JD Sports, with a number of restaurants, cafes and eateries to visit too. There is also an Odeon on site, showing films from 11am every morning.

Where to stay in Hatfield

When planning your trip to Hatfield, you can be rest assured that you will be sleeping soundly and enjoying delicious food and drink at Beales Hotel, Hatfield’s finest four-star contemporary hotel.

Beales Hotel is inspired by an unusual blend of natural and man-made materials, influenced heavily by local art. There are 53 individually designed bedrooms, ranging from contemporary and executive to luxury and family-orientated. Beales Hotel is also the perfect venue for holding conferences and meetings, with a number of corporate suites and packages available. Companies from across the UK use Beales Hotel to host their board meetings, training days and breakfast meetings in a professional and cost-effective way.

The OutsideIn Restaurant serves up an exceptional range of cuisine to cater for all tastes. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Beales Hotel have an extensive menu of starters and main courses, including pan fried duck breast, rump of lamb, courgette and tomato tarte tatin and pan seared king scallops.

Where to eat in Hatfield

Hatfield have a number of fantastic range of restaurants and eateries, from local cuisine and cafes to chain restaurants and gastro pubs.

The Red Lion is a family-run pub, serving up delicious family-food including burgers, pasta and salads. Muri Indian is a popular family-run Indian restaurant, serving perfectly spiced dishes using fresh ingredients. There are also a number of chain restaurants in The Galleria, including Bella Italia, Harvester, Nandos and Pizza Express – so there really is something for all the family!


There’s so much to see and do in Hatfield, so when will you be visiting?