Your Dream Body Can Become a Reality!

We’re all different, and for every person there’s a perfect way to lose those extra pounds for good.

We have all struggled with our weight at some point in our lives. Whether you’re trying to regain your pre-baby body, are fighting the dreaded middle-aged spread or your weight has yo-yoed since you were a child, it can be hard to achieve and then maintain your weight loss. To help you out a little, here are five simple, non-invasive and effective ways to lose weight and feel great.

Join a weight loss group

Joining a local weight loss group is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. Not only will you be able to take advantage of expert advice each week, but you will be able to connect with people who are embarking on a similar journey to you. You’ll be able to share tips, spur each other on and support each other during difficult moments.  For many people, this access to a community is simply invaluable.

Ditch unhealthy foods

Making simple food swaps will allow you to drop a few pounds without even feeling like you are trying! Opt for baked potatoes instead of greasy chips, ditch sweets in favour of fruit and sip on water instead of fizzy drinks. Just a few swaps can make a world of difference, and soon you’ll be making healthier choices by default, whether you’re eating in or out. Starting small can reap big rewards.

Try hypnosis

The only problem with eating healthily and working out regularly is making it stick. For some people, nothing works until their relationship with food is looked at and changed. That’s where the team at Gastric Mind Band come in. Their hypnosis for weight loss can change the way you eat for good, and unlike surgical weight loss treatments there is no recovery time. So a huge variety of people can give it a go!

outdoor yoga classUse your smartphone

We’re all glued to our phones these days, so why not use yours to help you lose weight? There are so many weight loss and fitness apps that you can download, and many of them are free too. Whether you want to pick up some tips, find some recipes, make a note of how many calories you are consuming or you need regular reminders to work out, your phone could help you to meet both your short and long-term goals.

Try a new workout

If you find that you get bored working out, then make a promise to yourself to a new fitness class every week. A quick internet search will tell you what is going on in your area. If you can’t bear pounding the pavements, switch your daily jog for a dance class. Or if you’re finding the gym a little monotonous, unleash your inner weight loss warrior with some kick boxing. Keeping your workouts exciting will help you to stay motivated.

Here’s to a new you!

With the party season just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to shape up. By taking inspiration from the above tips though, you’ll be able to look great not only throughout the festive season, but into the new year and beyond too. So why not make a change today? You’ll thank yourself for it this time next year!