Why Our Wigs Are The Best in The Business

Fashion moves at an unprecedented pace, with new styles and trends changing every season. From casual wear and formal dress to shoes and accessories, there is always something new on the horizon. Even hairstyles and colours are touched by fashion, as the new cat walk styles we see filter down into our high street salons. But hair fashion is hard to follow as you can’t constantly create different looks, or more importantly different lengths, every week or month. One way to create these looks and stay in style is to follow the fast-growing trend of the celebrities and models, by purchasing a wig to add to your wardrobe.

So much fashion is instigated from our big cities globally, with London being the main fashion scene here in the UK. If you are searching for wigs in London then Mandeville will ensure you are buying a quality handmade hairpiece that will both look and feel amazing.

Of course, wigs are purchased and worn for reasons other than fashion. Natural hair thinning and medical conditions are often the primary reason why people start to consider investing in a wig. However, this in itself can be a daunting process, our hair is our crowning glory, so when we suffer with hair loss our self-confidence is greatly affected. This can make it difficult to ask for help or even know where to begin in finding a solution. However, once you have made the first step and have decided to purchase a wig, you will of course want to know that the wig is good quality, made to measure and will be well fitted. This will provide you with the much-needed reassurance and help restore your self-confidence, making you feel great about your appearance once again.

So, what makes a wig from Mandeville, a great wig?

It is relatively easy to purchase a wig online or from other high street stores. After all, with wigs now being a fashion item you can even pick them up from the market! However, a large majority of these will not be handmade and will be manufactured from sub-standard fabrics and fibres.

A wig from Mandeville on the other hand is made with the backing of over 50 years’ experience. This ensures your purchase is coming directly from one of Europe’s leading specialists in handmade European hair wigs. From the minute you pick up the phone, or walk through the door for a consultation, the team of dedicated designers, and crafts people, will ensure you receive a service which is second to none. From your initial request through to the final fitting and styling you will be dealt with by a professional team. This unique personal service aims to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

The wigs with a strong yet light foundation, weigh less than a gram and will appear virtually invisible against the skin. With 70,000 hairs singly hand knotted onto the foundation you will soon feel that this provides a natural lift and bounce, just like a real head of hair. Your finished handmade wig will also be cut and dressed in the salon by a specialist hairdresser enabling you to choose any style you wish, making you look and feel amazing.

What Happens During a Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Everything You Need to Know Before You Go Ahead

If you want to have a tattoo removed, then laser treatment is your best bet – but what does the treatment involve?

If you are looking to have an unwanted tattoo removed, then you probably have lots of questions about what the process entails. Luckily, you’re in just the right place, as we’re here to talk you through your tattoo removal appointment – as well as the necessary steps you need to take before and after.

Before your appointment

Before you even get to your laser tattoo removal appointment, it’s important to prepare as well as possible. Be sure to talk to the person carrying out your treatment, so that they can advise you on what to do – not only to make it more straightforward, but also to make the experience more comfortable for you. One thing that you should always do is shave the area that is going to be treated beforehand, so that the laser can do its work properly.

The laser removal treatment

So, what exactly does laser tattoo removal involve? Well, your tattoo removal specialist will run a hand-held device over your skin, from which a laser is being emitted. You’re probably wondering if this is very painful. The general consensus is that it feels like an elastic band being pinged against your skin – so not unbearably so. How long a session takes will vary depending on the size of the tattoo, with most lasting between 10-30 minutes.


Once your appointment has finished, you will be asked to focus on the aftercare of the treatment area. Holding an ice pack to your skin will ease any rash or discomfort. The area will also be more sensitive to the sun, so keep it covered and avoid any sunbeds for at least a week – and use sun cream! Aloe vera gel will offer some relief if you need it, and Vaseline should be used on blistering or scabbing. Remember to avoid any perfumed products, as they could irritate the sensitive skin further.

Book with the best

The tattoo removal industry is growing rapidly, and with that comes some less than trustworthy practitioners. It’s important to always arrange your treatment with the best laser tattoo removal London has to offer. Tattoo Removal Experts have experienced technicians, a clean premise and a knowledgeable team who will be able to answer any questions that you may have. For total peace of mind, there’s nowhere better to arrange your treatment.

How long will it take?

Before starting tattoo removal treatment, most people ask how many sessions they will need to complete. There’s no concrete answer to this, as the effectiveness of the laser depends on things like your skin tone and the colour of ink used in your tattoo. A reputable clinic like Tattoo Removal Experts will never get your hopes up by saying it will all be over in a certain amount of sessions before having to let you down.

Will you make the change in 2019?

Now that you know all about what laser tattoo treatment entails, you’ll feel a lot more confident about taking that first step and arranging a consultation. While no one is saying that laser tattoo removal is a quick fix, it is by far the safest and most effective way of getting rid of body art that you have fallen out of love with.

Trends To Follow In The Beauty Industry

Pinterest Reveals Most Popular Beauty Secrets

Hair, nails, skincare and makeup trends to help you stand out from the crowd in 2019.

Social media and the beauty industry have become inextricably linked, with celebrity influencers and beauty brands representing some of the most followed and active profiles on social platforms. So when sites such as Pinterest reveal some of this year’s most popular beauty secrets, it’s safe to say that engaged followers of all things related to hair, skin and makeup, are eager to hear more about the latest trends. Here are some of the most exciting!

Baby Bangs

Also known as mini fringes, these are typically quite short and hang just above the brow area. Style icon Emma Watson is one of the biggest celebrities to bring this trend to the beauty world, and she’s caused quite a stir, with internet searches for ‘short fringes’ increasing by a whopping 51%. It’s a reasonably flexible look but baby bang enthusiasts tend to opt for a choppy or blunt version of the style.

Dip Powder Manicures

Chipped nail polish is one of the most offensive looks out there, and there’s just no need for it with methods such as powder dipped nails to keep you looking glam. Gel manicures have of course been a favourite for a while now, and the powder treatment offers an alternative which can last for up to a month. There are home kits available, but due to the levels of chemical involved, it’s always safest to visit a salon and have a licensed professional carry out both the manicure and removal.

Embracing The Grey

Although there are also some experimental hair shades out there at the moment, lilac being one of the most notable, there’s also a surge in women letting their natural grey locks shine through. But most impressively, celebrities like Dannii Minogue are setting an example of how to show off their grey with style, whilst still looking as trim and toned as a woman half her age at the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards. For those investing in wigs London salons are able to help you embrace the grey trend by hand-blending a selection of natural tones to suit the silver goddess in you.

Perfecting That Pout

Forget the natural look when it comes to your lips though – nude is out in favour of the pout! And this is actually a really handy way to make a statement with your makeup, without having to spend hours contouring or layering your eyeshadow. When it comes to your lips, the bolder the better is the take-home message. Experiment with bright reds, passionate purples or chocolate browns to draw all the attention to your lips. And if you’re looking for a look that lasts all day, then liquid matte lipsticks are the way to go.

Natural Tricks

With the war on plastics and the rise in veganism, it’s not a surprise that many beauty followers are interested in how mother nature can enhance their appearance. Using witch hazel to soothe various skin ailments is securely back in fashion, along with consumers using natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil and aloe vera to lengthen and lift their lashes. It’s likely that we’ll see a further rise yet in this particular trend as passionate consumers become even more committed to sustainable beauty practices.

It’s fascinating to keep updated with the latest beauty trends on social media – so choose your favourite brands and influencers and keep an eye on their latest tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd in 2019.

Xmas Gift Ideas – Luxury Watches

Shreve luxury watch

The Perfect Gift For Someone Special

If you want to take a loved one’s breath away this Christmas, then treat them to a luxury watch.

Are you struggling to make any headway with your Christmas shopping? Then you’re certainly not alone! With the festive season fast approaching, plenty of us are feeling stressed out about what to buy our family and friends in our lives for Christmas. If you want to give a gift that really has the wow factor, then why not buy that special someone a luxury watch this year? Here’s why they make the perfect gifts.

Useful and beautiful

It’s not often that you find a gift that is beautiful and useful, but a watch ticks both of those boxes. Not only will someone make use of it multiple times a day, but if you buy a watch from one of the world’s most iconic brands it will look stunning too. Some people argue that you don’t need a watch in the age of the smartphone – but looking at your wrist is much easier than trying to find your phone.

xmas gifts

Timelessly elegant

We’ve already touched on this a little, but a luxury watch really does look great. You can really tell the difference between a watch made by one of the most iconic brands in the world and one that’s been bought on the high street. Timepieces crafted by the world’s best watchmakers never go out of style, and are adorned with sparkling gemstones and precious metals. There’s just no comparison.

A gift with meaning

A watch can be a very symbolic and personal gift, making them ideal for the most special people in your life. You could treat a loved one to a watch they have always coveted, perhaps something like an iconic Hublot Big Bang or a timeless Rolex Submariner. What better gift could there be than a watch that they have dreamed of owning for years? You could choose to add a personal touch to their new timepiece with an engraved message that holds a deep meaning for you both.

Built to last

A luxury watch is something that is built to last for years, thanks to the incredible skill and attention to detail that has gone into the crafting of each one. So it’s not only a gift that can stand up to the rigours of daily use with ease, but something that can be passed down through the generations too. It certainly beats a new pair of socks, no matter how fancy they may be!

Shop with the best

If you’re going to splash out on a beautiful watch for a loved one this Christmas, then it’s important to buy it from one of the best suppliers in the business. Luxe Watches are one of the leading stockists of pre-loved designer watches in London, and will be able to guide you through the buying process. With knowledgeable customer service staff, an expert repairs team and a selection of great payment plans, it’s clear to see why they’re the favourite of discerning London shoppers.

It’s time to start shopping!

Now that you know why watches make the perfect Christmas presents, why not start shopping? The friendly team at Luxe Watches will be able to talk you through the selection that they have on offer, and you’d be hard pushed to find better prices for luxury watches elsewhere in London. So, tick the person who has everything off your Christmas list this week!

Give Your Outfits an Italian Edge

Italian handbags

Italians have the best dress sense, and with a few handy tricks and tips, you can too!

When it comes to clothes, Italy are renowned for their quality, craftmanship and design. It’s hard to pinpoint what sets Italian women’s dress sense apart from the rest of us. What is it about the way they update classic outfits that works so well? How do they achieve that distinctly Italian look, that’s been carelessly yet artfully put together?

Well, here are our tips on how to add a touch of Italian to your personal style, including intricate details like sleeve lengths, and big details like fabric and colour choices.


Build outfits starting with a statement piece – be it your favourite pair of stilettos, a shiny pair of diamond earrings or a leather bag – and go from there!

Italian fashion accessories are an effortless way of injecting a little Italian-esque into your outfits. Their pieces are crafted with the latest trends in mind, but will always remain timeless thanks to their clean, elegant styles and the excellent quality of materials used.

Italian leather craftsmanship is the gold standard when it comes to handbags – and for a very good reason! They use soft, durable leather and create beautiful bags with intricate details, perfect for use at both day and night. Another key piece that an Italian woman wouldn’t been seen without are a pair of sunglasses. A pair of chic sunglasses are a final touch to an outfit, like Ray Ban aviators for the younger generation, but for a more classic look, the favoured brands are Emporio Armani, Miu Miu and Fendi.

The Finer Details

Italian women know how to splurge on basics that will last a lifetime, so it’s time for you to invest in quality basics that you’ll have for a lifetime! The basis should include clothes like smart black pants, a crisp white designer shirt and fashionable shoes, like handmade backless loafers.

Glamour doesn’t always mean having to look “over the top” and dolled up, sometimes a pair of perfect fitting jeans and a slick of red lipstick is all you need! It’s also important to not save the good stuff for special occasions, because in Italy – every day is a special day! Have a signature va-va-voom look, whether it’s a black gown and red lipstick, or an off-the-shoulder kaftan and big earrings, something that can give you a signature glamour look ready!

Work With Textures and Fabrics

Lace is the preferred choice of fabric for Italians. And that’s no surprise, considering Italian woman stockpile the style! A hint of lace is popular on dresses and shirts, and can make women feel empowered and even a little sexy! Tailored blazers are staple items in Italians wardrobes too. A well-made blazer can make denim dressy, party dresses polished and cover slim the figure down by skimming past the body! It’s even said that a tailored blazer is as synonymous with Italy as pasta – so who are we to argue?

Popular designer brands with women include Prada and Versace, so you’re guaranteed to be investing in a timeless piece that will work with every item in your wardrobe.

The Top 5 Facial Treatments

facial beauty treatment

Range Of Skin Care Facial Packages Explained

Do you long for youthful, blemish-free and radiant skin?  We give you the rundown on five top facial packages and the benefits they can provide to you. 

Facial treatments are a real luxury, but actually they do far more than offer a little bit of relaxing indulgence. Some deep clean, others hydrate while numerous facials destress and detoxify the skin, reducing nasty conditions such as acne. By booking in regular facial treatments, you can tone and nourish the condition of the epidermis, resulting in a revitalised and youthful appearance.

If you’re looking to book into a spa or beauty salon, the choice of pampering packages can sometimes seem a little overwhelming if you don’t know quite what you’re looking for. Here are 5 top facial packages that are guaranteed to improve the condition of your skin, while making you feel entirely relaxed throughout the treatment.

Vitamin C Facial

Studies have discovered that vitamin C plays a vital role in assisting the skin’s fight against ageing. Free radicals are known to damage the skin and cause wrinkles, but the presence of vitamin C in the body neutralises their effect. The nutrient also assists in collagen production which keeps the skin looking plump and hydrated. Unfortunately, the ageing process, as well as exposure to UV rays reduces the concentration of vitamin C that is present. Choose a nourishing vitamin C facial to top up the amount of this vital nutrient and you’ll look rejuvenated in no time at all.


If you suffer from an uneven texture of skin on your face, then this is the treatment for you. Unfortunately, environmental pollutants and UV-damage cause harm to the upper level of skin cells. The microdermabrasion technique is an effective way to remove these dead cells and create a smoother texture which radiates good health.

Lymphatic Massage

The drainage of the lymphatic system helps to eliminate many toxins from the body; and with them stress, anxiety and nerves are all alleviated. The massage includes a facial pump which gently works on the lymph to move the toxins along towards the thoracic area, leading to efficient removal from the body. The result is a more relaxed mind and skin which exhibits less puffiness.

Chemical Peel

If you suffer from fine lines, age spots, or acne then your skin is crying out for a chemical peel facial. It targets debris, oil and pollutants that have been left in the pores, clogging up your skin. A peel uses ingredients such as lactic acid, beta salicylic and glycolic acid to improve the condition and texture of your skin resulting in a supple quality that you probably haven’t experienced for years!


Bad habits, hormones and a stressful lifestyle can all contribute to the dehydration of skin. Unfortunately, this problem can often take more than drinking an extra glass of water to sort out. The Hydrafacial works by using a vacuum type tool to suck all of the debris and excess oil out of your skin. It then replaces it with a serum which is packed full of nutrients. Your skin will look simply radiant after this treatment, which is surprisingly painless.

If you’re been inspired to book any of these facials Chelmsford has a number of quality beauty salons that offer a range of luxury treatments. What are you waiting for? Book yourself a nourishing and relaxing facial today!