Why Bi Folding Doors Are the Nation’s Favourite Choice

bifolding doors

Bi Folding Doors Are the Obvious Choice to Add Light and Convenience

The craze for bi folding doors that kicked off last year shows no sign of abating. What makes them so popular in extension and renovation projects?

Watch any interior décor or home makeover show like Grand Designs on TV, and it won’t be long before somebody mentions bi folding doors. They certainly serve to transform the look of a home, adding light and a sense of spaciousness. But there is more to them than that.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of bi folding doors to understand why their description of “the nation’s favourite choice” has more to it than mere sales patter.

Slim and stylish bifolding doors

Bifolding doors have slimmer frames and profiles than traditional sliding or French doors. It makes for a contemporary look that rejuvenates the appearance of the home, yet doesn’t look out of place on a period property. In addition, it can add thousands to your home’s market value when the time comes to sell and move on.

Easy to operate bifolds

One of the downsides to conventional patio doors is that they are not always the most user friendly of things. Sliding doors are heavy and prone to sticking if debris gets on the runners, as it inevitably will in time. Bi folding doors are light and convenient, which is a real boon if you have either young or old family members, who might otherwise struggle getting a sliding door open and closed.

And easy to access doors

With bi folding doors, you don’t have that lower lip to the frame that is inevitable with other types of door. For fit and able-bodied people, that might not be important, but for those with limited mobility who rely on walking aids or a wheelchair, a step-free transition in and out is exactly what is needed.

Top notch security

An open space between the inside and out is perfect on a warm summer’s day, or when you want to let fresh air into the home. But it might give cause for concern when the house is empty. Bi folding doors come equipped with the latest locks and security features, which is why they are as popular on commercial premises as they are in domestic homes.

Energy efficiency bifold doors

There was a time when lots of glass meant lots of headaches in terms of keeping the room warm in winter. Thankfully, those days are behind us, and today’s bi folding doors boast outstanding thermal efficiency thanks to the modern glass technology they use. What can be more gratifying than sitting toasty warm in your house watching a winter snowscape on the other side of the glass?

Outstanding versatility

A modern home needs to be all things to all people. A sanctuary from the hustle bustle of daily life, an entertaining space for friends, even a workplace for the growing number of us who work remotely from home. Bifolding doors provide the versatility to open up your home, and make a seamless transition between house and garden when you want to – and to shut the rest of the world away when you don’t.

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Car


Avoid the Forecourts and the Classifieds by Selling Online

Today we can do almost anything online, and that includes selling a car. It’s hassle-free and gets you a fair market price.

Selling a car is a pain. It’s something all of us have to do from time to time, yet for many, the stress and aggravation of getting rid of your old car takes much of the shine away from the excitement of driving off in your new one.

Bizarrely enough, this is one area in which the lower the value of the car, the more stressful it can be. If you’ve got a three year old luxury saloon in perfect condition, you can go to any number of reputable sources, get an accurate idea of what it is worth and sell it without hassle.

If it’s a 15 year old banger with little or no MOT however, what then? Fortunately, even if it’s the end of the road for your old car, the miracle of the internet age is that you can get a scrap car quote online that is every bit as reliable as the valuations others will provide on something high end.

They buy, they pay, they take it away

Services of this type are nothing new, and companies like webuyanycar have been operating successfully for years. They base their valuation on market conditions without the tyre kicking and haggling that has blighted the used car market since time immemorial, meaning you get a price that is fair for everyone.

Could you get more selling it privately? Perhaps – after all, webuyanycar have to cover their costs. But the real question is whether the cost, time and inconvenience of advertising it, dealing with viewers and arguing over the price is really worth an extra couple of hundred pounds that might never appear.

Scrapping made simple

In the case of a scrap car, the online option is even more compelling. The webuyanycar type sites will indeed buy anything, but if you try to sell a scrapper, you will not walk away with much in your pocket. They charge a transaction fee of £50, and when the car might only be worth £100 or so, that makes a big dent! Then there is the fact that you need to take the car to them – if it’s already failed its MOT, that’s not going to be practical.

Specialist scrap car buyers have the infrastructure in place to give you an instant quote, pay you the money online then come and collect the car on a transporter. They even deal with the DVLA paperwork to confirm that the car has been disposed of correctly and in keeping with environmental regulations.

In creating this piece we conducted a test using a 20 year old vehicle that had failed its MOT.

Webuyanycar offered £130 for the vehicle, but this was subject to a £50 fee. The scrap car specialist quoted £75, which they would pay by immediate bank transfer, and this included collecting the vehicle and dealing with the paperwork.

We also advertised the car privately, and were inundated with calls over a week long period. These resulted in two people actually turning up to view the vehicle and a best offer of £80.

Clearly, the price offered by the scrap company was a fair market value – it represents the only sensible way of scrapping a car in the internet age.

How to Brighten Your Living Space

How to Brighten Your Living Space

Whether you live in a shared townhouse, a family home or an apartment on your own, inside your four walls should be a place of comfort and relaxation.

Natural light is a known mood enhancer and is therefor the perfect way to make your home feel brighter and bigger. Here are five easy ways to create a bright and luminous living space which will effortlessly boost your well-being.

Use neutral shade paint

Dark colours absorb light, so when it comes to painting your walls it’s important to keep things light. The best way to do this is by sticking to a neutral palette, such as whites, greys and creams.

Lighter hues will instantly bright up any sized room, and accessories can be added afterwards to add a touch (or a lot!) of colour.

Install bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors are a great way of bringing the outdoors in by integrating the home and the garden seamlessly. Bi folding door installers london can install wall-to-wall glass into commercial and residential builds, which will transform any dark space and bring a huge amount of natural light into the rooms. Bi-folding doors are perfect for optimising the light coming into your home, connecting your living space seamlessly with the outdoors.

Let the natural light in

A great way to flood a room with natural light is to add glass panelling to the front door. The glass will allow the daylight to beam through into the hallway and illuminate the surrounding areas. Frosted glass is also another great way to achieve this, while retaining the feeling of privacy.

Reinvent with roof windows

Roof windows on a conservatory allow sunlight to enter a room from the highest point, making them an intense and direct source of light.

They reduce the need for “cold” artificial light and instead let natural light flood in for a brighter-feeling home.

Clear your clutter

A simple way to create a light and stress-free space is to declutter! Overcrowded bookshelves and too many wall hangings can make a room feel smaller and darker than it is. You can avoid this by having regular clear-outs to remove anything that isn’t needed.

Happy Families Dine Together

family dining table

Invest In a New Table, Invest In Your Happiness

Bringing the whole family together at mealtimes can have a really profound impact on your emotional well-being.

Dining together as a family used to be a daily occurrence. Now though, with the interference of busy workloads, technology and hectic social schedules, it’s rare for a family to get together and share a meal. Well, it’s time to change that! Eating together as a family is a great way of unwinding, catching up with each other’s news and strengthening that all-important familial bond. If you’re going to make the effort, then investing in your dining space to make it a pleasant place to eat is essential. Why not get things started with treating you and your family to a new dining table?

Growing to love food

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to dine together as a family. One of the most important is getting the whole family interested in food. It can be pretty tough to get children to eat healthily or help out in the kitchen, but making sure that you all eat together can change that. Family members can take it turns to cook, and that means that the kids can wow their parents with some culinary creations. Getting a great reaction to something that they’ve cooked and being able to enjoy the results of their hard work with their nearest and dearest will help them to establish a healthy relationship with food.

Strong emotional connections

It’s well known that eating together can help families to bond. Having a set time of day where you all sit down together and talk can work wonders. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, just taking the time to enjoy each other’s company is invaluable. Eating together sees generational divides disappear, differences in opinion turned into lively debates, and most importantly of all, memories created. Chances are, you’ve got some wonderful memories from the dinner table. The two simple acts of eating and talking really are much more than the sum of their parts.

Oak tables are the best

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time there, it makes sense to make your dining space as beautiful as possible. Of course, the most important piece of furniture in the room is going to be the table. After all, you don’t want everyone to be eating their dinners off of their laps. Oak dining tables are by far the best option. Oak is one of the most durable woods out there, and can stand up to years of use in the busiest households. It’s a real timeless choice too, and fits in with a huge variety of design schemes. Even if it’s the only thing you invest in, a new oak table will drastically improve your dining experience.

You’ll notice the benefits straight away

Instead of eating dinner while scrolling through your smartphone, or letting your kids wander off to watch Netflix on their laptops while eating a ready meal, embrace eating together as a family once more. By doing is as often as you can, you’ll find that you all get along better, feel more comfortable communicating honestly with each other, and have something to look forward to every day.

Ditch The Decking – Why It’s Time To Scrap This Outdated Garden Trend

garden decking and wooden furniture

Replace Your Decking With Artificial Grass Before Autumn Sets In

It’s out with the decking as homeowners are becoming increasingly fed up with their high-maintenance timber platforms and prefer the functionality of a fake lawn.

It’s easy to see why decking has become such a popular choice for gardens in the UK. Made famous by makeover shows such as Ground Force in the early Noughties, decking is an attractive and cost-effective solution that is easy and quick to install, transforming a drab garden into a functional living space in a couple of days. The problem is that since decking experienced such a surge in popularity at the turn of the millennium, the novelty has now worn off.

The Downsides of Decking

Unfortunately, decking may be affordable, but it’s also quite high-maintenance if you’re looking for a look that lasts. As with any wood-made materials, it doesn’t handle the elements well and can quickly become damaged following a spell of either sunny or rainy weather. In fact, homeowners will need to regularly re-oil their decking to keep it in good condition, but depending on the type of wood used, bending and bowing are both problems that can occur.

Perhaps of more concern though, particularly if you have young children or elderly people living at home, is that decking can easily become a treacherous and slippery platform, particularly in winter following freezing conditions or even when wet leaves or other foliage falls on top of it. It’s important to keep children safe and stop them running on it in the colder seasons, which can be easier said than done. If your decking is in a dark, shaded part of the garden you are likely also to have to deal with moss cropping up which will need to be dealt with as this can also be a hazard when wet.

Pest Control

Raised decking areas also attract some rather unwanted guests to your garden in the form of rats and mice. Particularly where decking is raised up off the ground, the space between the timber and the ground can provide a cosy resting place during the winter months for rodents to hole up in and build their nests. Pest controllers advise blocking off all access routes and laying traps where appropriate to discourage and eliminate such a problem if it exists beneath your garden decking. However, a better option still would be to tear up this outdated garden material and replace it with something that is much more durable, functional and aesthetically-pleasing all year round – artificial grass.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

According to a Suffolk artificial grass installer, a fake lawn can cope perfectly with the ever-changing British weather. As it is both water resistant and self-draining, there is no need at all to worry about an artificial lawn becoming swamped during a rainy season, nor will it be scorched during the hotter weather.

Fake grass can be enjoyed by all the family whatever the weather. If you have energetic family members who use your lawn as a football pitch or play area for their swing set and slide, then there will be no patches around a goal mouth or beneath any play equipment. Additionally, you can rest assured that no mud or debris will be trampled inside as the fake grass will stay dry.

Once installed, your artificial grass needs very little in the way of maintenance, aside from a bit of regular raking and the use of a leaf blower to remove any fallen foliage.

So, if you’re looking to revamp your garden space before the cooler season arrives and renders your decking unusable, then it’s time to fight back against this outdated trend and consider replacing it with an artificial lawn that can be enjoyed all the way through winter.

Keep Your Lawn Green All Year

beautiful home with luxury lawn

How To Banish Those Dry Patches On Your Garden Lawn

If you long for the green, green grass of home, then here are some tips to help you eradicate those problem patchy areas and achieve a luscious lawn.

Many things can keep your lawn from looking less than desirable. Whether it’s taken a beating from the British weather, or experienced some heavy usage from energetic kids, your garden lawn can quickly become thin and patchy, yellow or overgrown with weeds. Some give up entirely on their lawns and switch to artificial grass instead. However, if you prefer to look out over an authentic grass lawn, then follow these tips to keep it green all year round.

Neutralising Yellow Patches

If you suffer from unsightly yellow patches on your lawn, then this may be because you’re mowing too much of the grass blade. Instead, try and mow more frequently, but set your mower to a higher setting, so that it never cuts off more than a third of the blade. This will ensure that the greener section of the grass is not removed and the colour of your lawn should improve.

However, sometimes if you find that that the blades are yellow in the vein area but not in the leaves, then this may be indicative of an iron deficiency. This is easily treatable by spraying the area with a liquid iron supplement designed for use on lawns. Take care not to over-apply any type of supplement or fertiliser though, as this can end up scorching the grass. If this happens, give your grass a good drink to remove any excess residue and wash it down into the soil.

Aerate Your Lawn

It’s important that the soil beneath your lawn receives a steady supply of nutrients as well as air and water, to allow the grass to grow and provide a healthy lush appearance for your garden. If your lawn experiences heavy usage from children and pets, or if it dries out easily, then it may be suffering from soil compaction. This is an easy problem to fix by using a simple aeration method to deliver oxygen to the root of the grass. You can use either a plug aerator or a spike aerator to perforate the lawn with small holes. This will allow deeper roots to develop and creates a stronger and more vigorous lawn.

Reinforce Your Grass

Most areas of your garden lawn will have sections that experience heavier usage than others. These might be spaces near a football goal, beneath a swing or even wherever there is a pattern of natural footfall, such as close to the front door. Areas such as these can benefit from some grass reinforcement. Suregreen grass protection for instance, works by fixing a layer of plastic mesh to the ground. The grass roots and sward will then grow between the gaps and also intertwine with the mesh itself, to create a strong and stable reinforced surface which is perfect for handling extra heavy traffic.

Regular Mowing

Little and often is the best way to cut your lawn. Always mow when it is relatively dry to enable you to get a clean cut. You should always check that your mower blades are sharp and use a mower with a mulching plug. This will return the grass clippings back to the lawn as a valuable nutrient to encourage further growth.

With regular care, there’s no reason why you must continue to look out onto a dry and patchy lawn. Follow these tips and you’ll have a green healthy lawn in no time at all.

How To Brighten a Shady Garden

shady garden

Here Are Some Ideas On How To Make Your Garden Lighter!

We’ve put together ideas on how you can make small changes to your woodwork, plants and landscaping materials to achieve maximum light exposure in your garden!

One of the many pleasures of summer is being able to sit outside in the warm sunshine. Plants need the sun’s light just as much as we do; the nourishing sunbeams provide energy needed for a garden to flourish and grow.

Sadly, a house cannot be moved around in order to achieve maximum light exposure. The sad truth is, a north-facing garden will always be a north-facing garden. But alas, not all is lost! There are certain things you can do that will help you to increase the amount of light your garden gets.

Paints Walls And Fences White

Do you have any old walls? Or any timber structures like sheds, pergolas or rose arches? A great tip for these would be to paint them in white or cream. The white surfaces will reflect and diffuse light in many different directions. This increase in light will be a benefit to nearby plants and will immediately brighten up your garden.

Carefully Choose Hard Landscaping Materials

The colour of your paving, if you’re thinking about laying a path or patio, is certainly something that needs to be thought about. If you’re going to use hard landscaping materials, then stick with warm, pale-honey colour tiles or silver granite paving to help reflect light.

Try to avoid dark grey or khaki tiles, or slate chipping. Darker colours do not reflect light very well and in a dark garden, they can look quite sad, especially when wet!

Highlight With Plants

A shady garden can be brightened up using white flowers and variegated foliage, or some Spring coloured woodland plants. This creates the illusion of light, and as the sun sets the white will stand out.

It’s important to choose plants that can help to create the illusion of more light, and help to brighten your garden up with their beautiful colours. The flowers of choice for this could be the Pulmonaria or Dicentra, both of which are delicate, dainty flowers that vary in vibrant colour and can help to jazz up a shady garden.


Mirrors are an increasingly popular way of creating an illusion of space in a garden, which can also reflect light and heat from the sun. To do this, place a mirror in the brightest area of your garden, and direct it towards the darkest area; this will improve the light your garden gets.

Make sure not to use a magnifying mirror, or direct multiple mirrors to the same spot, as in some cases this can cause an accidental fire!

Water features

A water feature can bring sounds of nature to your doorstep, attract natural wildlife and can adapt to fit in any size space. They’re a great feature of a garden, and can give people something to talk about!

Glass garden sculpture

A glass garden sculpture can help to reflect light around a garden. Pick a coloured glass sculpture and you will add some all-year-round colour to your garden, with beautiful bright colours being reflected around the space.

If you’re thinking about a glass sculpture, or any kind of sculpture, make sure the area it’s placed in is clear and not at risk of falling onto something else or being shattered by overhead factors, such as dead or damaged branches.

Follow these easy steps and ideas to transform a shady garden into a brighter garden!

Add Value To Your Home With A Luxury Sun Room

Caulfield conservatory

Maximise Your Living Space With A Modern Conservatory Extension

The best luxury sun room extensions complement the style and interior of the existing property, using building materials and décor that blends in seamlessly.

If you’re looking for a way to extend the living space within your home, whilst opening it up to the garden, then a sun room is an ideal investment for your property. According to the Telegraph, a conservatory extension costing in the region of £4000 – £10,000 could increase the value of your home by 5% in the current economic climate. However, it is important to ensure that this luxury sun room is designed and built well, otherwise cheap extensions can actually put buyers off when it is time for you to sell.

Blend Your Living Spaces

Modern living has seen an increase in homeowners opting for large open-plan areas which combine kitchens, dining and living areas into one huge space. Many are now utilising their outdoor garden areas and choose to create a free-flowing environment with a sun room acting as that transitional space between the joys of nature outdoors and the comfort of interior living. If you wish to add a bespoke conservatory to your property, then it is essential that it complements the existing style of your home. It may be exciting to design and decorate your new space, but try to keep the same flooring as the rest of your downstairs area to ensure that it blends well with your current interiors. Similarly, choose tones that add balance to your existing colour scheme.

Matching Materials

In order to add value to your home, it is also vital that your sun room looks attractive from the exterior of your property, and is seen as a structural addition to the home. This means using building materials that match the existing components of your building. Naturally, you would expect a sun room to feature more glass or uPVC than other exterior walls of your house. However, it is still possible to blend the extension seamlessly with a similar style of timber, bricks, roof tiles or cladding.

Heating and Cooling

One aspect of sun rooms and conservatories that has been a problem in the past, is the ability for these spaces to retain an ambient temperature. Unfortunately, many sun rooms have a tendency to overheat during the summer, yet are too cold to enjoy in the winter. This can render this type of additional living space unusable for large portions of the year, if the extensions have not been built with a consideration of temperature in mind. When planning your conservatory extension, it is important to choose a design that avoids overheating by installing an air-conditioning unit, ceiling fan or specialist conservatory blinds. Similarly, you must consider ways to insulate the space in winter, by building the extension with double-glazing and potentially underfloor heating.

Always choose a reputable building company and designer that is willing to discuss various design options with you. A sun room will only add true value to your property if you can use it to maximise the living space in your home. Many luxury sun room extensions fall under the ‘Permitted Development’ regulations, so as long as you adhere to these various standards, then it should be very easy for you to create that dream extension in 2017!