What is sole footwear, anyway?

When we say, sole footwear, we’re referring to either footwear that contains built-in cushioning insoles, or separate insoles that can be inserted into each shoe.

These specially designed products can work wonders for your feet, ankles and even your lower back by taking the pressure off your feet during movement.

They are vital investments for active people who suffer from foot fatigue or have found themselves suffering from a painful foot-related condition. This is because one of the root causes of all these ailments is lack of support to the arches, balls and heels of the feet – something that sole footwear exists to address.

What happens if your feet remain unsupported?

Our feet are under so much pressure on a day to day basis. They don’t just regulate our movement – they absorb it. While we’re standing, walking or taking exercise, they’re taking the weight of our entire bodies, plus the impact of our activities.

It’s no wonder that if the key areas of our feet are left unsupported, the muscles, bones and tendons that join up these important parts of our anatomy will become sore. For example, the ligaments that run along the bottom of your feet – otherwise known as the plantar fascia – can become worn and torn if they are not provided with adequate cushioning. If neglected, these ligaments begin to tear, leading to the inflammation and discomfort that’s associated with the common condition plantar fasciitis. In a similar way, those who regularly wear flimsy footwear will often develop Achilles tendonitis, Sever’s disease, and all kinds of other unpleasant conditions that will eventually begin to impact their mobility (and, in severe cases, their quality of life).

When you think about the way the body works, it makes sense that lack of support in the feet should lead to pain elsewhere, too. Receiving the right level of support from your shoes and/or insoles will improve the alignment of your feet and ankles, which in turn will reduce the traction forces that cause pain and inflammation in the shins, the knees and further up into the lower back. So by investing in sole footwear, you’re not only looking after your lower limbs – you’re also protecting the rest of your body from unnecessary strain.

Is sole footwear the right solution for you?

Because it’s wearable and relatively affordable, sole footwear is often cited to be the ideal option for those who are concerned about their foot health. But advocates for change are inventing new ways of combatting foot fatigue and foot-related conditions all the time.

One company that’s certainly making waves in this field is OrthoSole. The firm have created a series of easy-to-insert, fully customisable insoles that come with a range of interchangeable pads. These inserts sit directly underneath the metatarsal bones to provide better support to the arches of the feet. The beauty of these products is that they don’t need to be tailored to the individual specifications of the customer; the wearer can pick and choose between the different support pads as they please, and experiment with inserts of different thicknesses until they feel completely comfortable. This kind of system also keeps the price of these customisable insoles down, making them accessible for virtually anyone who wants to improve their foot health.