The exciting new treatment that’s taking the diet world by storm

If you’re struggling to shed the pounds, try hypnotherapy-based treatment for effective and sustained weight loss.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Well, the good news is you’re not alone. Britain is a nation obsessed with losing weight; two thirds of us claim to be on a diet ‘most of the time’ and the diet and weight loss industry is worth a staggering £2 billion. However, despite this, the UK has one of the highest rates of obesity in Europe, with more than 65% of adults classed as obese or overweight – so something clearly isn’t working.

Brain battles

For many people, the main obstacle standing in the way of sustained weight loss is will power – or the lack thereof. We all know that, in order to lose weight, you need to eat healthier and exercise more, but when you lead a busy lifestyle and the temptation of junk food seems to lie around every corner, this can often be easier said than done.

To make things even more difficult, some studies show that our brain can work against us, going into ‘starvation mode’ when we start cutting calories, and making it even more difficult to shed the pounds.

Fad diets and extreme measures

There are always fad diets out there, and many people turn to these, looking for quick fix. However, while they can facilitate speedy weight loss, they’re virtually impossible to stick to indefinitely, and followers often find themselves piling the pounds back on once they return to their usual eating habits.

In desperation, some people even choose to go under the knife with a gastric bypass or gastric band surgery. While this option undoubtedly gets results, it carries the risk of complications and does nothing to address any underlying issues with food that cause people to overeat.

Hypnosis for weight loss

A gentler, but highly effective alternative is hypnosis for weight loss. Relatively new to the diet scene, this method of weight loss is gaining in popularity, with many clients seeing visible results.

So, what is hypnosis for weight loss? Simply speaking, it is a method of treatment that combines hypnotherapy and visualisation techniques with more traditional counselling approaches, such as talking therapies and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Using psychology as a diagnostic and treatment tool, hypnosis-based weight loss therapy aims to identify and resolve clients’ problematic relationship with food, furnishing them with the techniques they need to change their attitude towards eating, which in turn helps them to lose weight safely and effectively.

Long term results

Unlike the ‘quick fix’ fad diets which are so popular in some quarters, by focusing on changing the way you think about food, weight loss hypnotherapy offers a long-term lifestyle change. And this approach, combined with follow-up support, and nutrition and diet advice makes it that much easier to keep the weight off for good.

It may sound a little unconventional, but hypnosis can be an effective weight loss solution. So, if you’re one of the many people who struggles to maintain a healthy weight, and you need a little help to get the body you want, why not harness the power of the brain and give hypnosis for weight loss a try?