Avoid the Forecourts and the Classifieds by Selling Online

Today we can do almost anything online, and that includes selling a car. It’s hassle-free and gets you a fair market price.

Selling a car is a pain. It’s something all of us have to do from time to time, yet for many, the stress and aggravation of getting rid of your old car takes much of the shine away from the excitement of driving off in your new one.

Bizarrely enough, this is one area in which the lower the value of the car, the more stressful it can be. If you’ve got a three year old luxury saloon in perfect condition, you can go to any number of reputable sources, get an accurate idea of what it is worth and sell it without hassle.

If it’s a 15 year old banger with little or no MOT however, what then? Fortunately, even if it’s the end of the road for your old car, the miracle of the internet age is that you can get a scrap car quote online that is every bit as reliable as the valuations others will provide on something high end.

They buy, they pay, they take it away

Services of this type are nothing new, and companies like webuyanycar have been operating successfully for years. They base their valuation on market conditions without the tyre kicking and haggling that has blighted the used car market since time immemorial, meaning you get a price that is fair for everyone.

Could you get more selling it privately? Perhaps – after all, webuyanycar have to cover their costs. But the real question is whether the cost, time and inconvenience of advertising it, dealing with viewers and arguing over the price is really worth an extra couple of hundred pounds that might never appear.

Scrapping made simple

In the case of a scrap car, the online option is even more compelling. The webuyanycar type sites will indeed buy anything, but if you try to sell a scrapper, you will not walk away with much in your pocket. They charge a transaction fee of £50, and when the car might only be worth £100 or so, that makes a big dent! Then there is the fact that you need to take the car to them – if it’s already failed its MOT, that’s not going to be practical.

Specialist scrap car buyers have the infrastructure in place to give you an instant quote, pay you the money online then come and collect the car on a transporter. They even deal with the DVLA paperwork to confirm that the car has been disposed of correctly and in keeping with environmental regulations.

In creating this piece we conducted a test using a 20 year old vehicle that had failed its MOT.

Webuyanycar offered £130 for the vehicle, but this was subject to a £50 fee. The scrap car specialist quoted £75, which they would pay by immediate bank transfer, and this included collecting the vehicle and dealing with the paperwork.

We also advertised the car privately, and were inundated with calls over a week long period. These resulted in two people actually turning up to view the vehicle and a best offer of £80.

Clearly, the price offered by the scrap company was a fair market value – it represents the only sensible way of scrapping a car in the internet age.