Bi Folding Doors Are the Obvious Choice to Add Light and Convenience

The craze for bi folding doors that kicked off last year shows no sign of abating. What makes them so popular in extension and renovation projects?

Watch any interior décor or home makeover show like Grand Designs on TV, and it won’t be long before somebody mentions bi folding doors. They certainly serve to transform the look of a home, adding light and a sense of spaciousness. But there is more to them than that.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of bi folding doors to understand why their description of “the nation’s favourite choice” has more to it than mere sales patter.

Slim and stylish bifolding doors

Bifolding doors have slimmer frames and profiles than traditional sliding or French doors. It makes for a contemporary look that rejuvenates the appearance of the home, yet doesn’t look out of place on a period property. In addition, it can add thousands to your home’s market value when the time comes to sell and move on.

Easy to operate bifolds

One of the downsides to conventional patio doors is that they are not always the most user friendly of things. Sliding doors are heavy and prone to sticking if debris gets on the runners, as it inevitably will in time. Bi folding doors are light and convenient, which is a real boon if you have either young or old family members, who might otherwise struggle getting a sliding door open and closed.

And easy to access doors

With bi folding doors, you don’t have that lower lip to the frame that is inevitable with other types of door. For fit and able-bodied people, that might not be important, but for those with limited mobility who rely on walking aids or a wheelchair, a step-free transition in and out is exactly what is needed.

Top notch security

An open space between the inside and out is perfect on a warm summer’s day, or when you want to let fresh air into the home. But it might give cause for concern when the house is empty. Bi folding doors come equipped with the latest locks and security features, which is why they are as popular on commercial premises as they are in domestic homes.

Energy efficiency bifold doors

There was a time when lots of glass meant lots of headaches in terms of keeping the room warm in winter. Thankfully, those days are behind us, and today’s bi folding doors boast outstanding thermal efficiency thanks to the modern glass technology they use. What can be more gratifying than sitting toasty warm in your house watching a winter snowscape on the other side of the glass?

Outstanding versatility

A modern home needs to be all things to all people. A sanctuary from the hustle bustle of daily life, an entertaining space for friends, even a workplace for the growing number of us who work remotely from home. Bifolding doors provide the versatility to open up your home, and make a seamless transition between house and garden when you want to – and to shut the rest of the world away when you don’t.