Fashion moves at an unprecedented pace, with new styles and trends changing every season. From casual wear and formal dress to shoes and accessories, there is always something new on the horizon. Even hairstyles and colours are touched by fashion, as the new cat walk styles we see filter down into our high street salons. But hair fashion is hard to follow as you can’t constantly create different looks, or more importantly different lengths, every week or month. One way to create these looks and stay in style is to follow the fast-growing trend of the celebrities and models, by purchasing a wig to add to your wardrobe.

So much fashion is instigated from our big cities globally, with London being the main fashion scene here in the UK. If you are searching for wigs in London then Mandeville will ensure you are buying a quality handmade hairpiece that will both look and feel amazing.

Of course, wigs are purchased and worn for reasons other than fashion. Natural hair thinning and medical conditions are often the primary reason why people start to consider investing in a wig. However, this in itself can be a daunting process, our hair is our crowning glory, so when we suffer with hair loss our self-confidence is greatly affected. This can make it difficult to ask for help or even know where to begin in finding a solution. However, once you have made the first step and have decided to purchase a wig, you will of course want to know that the wig is good quality, made to measure and will be well fitted. This will provide you with the much-needed reassurance and help restore your self-confidence, making you feel great about your appearance once again.

So, what makes a wig from Mandeville, a great wig?

It is relatively easy to purchase a wig online or from other high street stores. After all, with wigs now being a fashion item you can even pick them up from the market! However, a large majority of these will not be handmade and will be manufactured from sub-standard fabrics and fibres.

A wig from Mandeville on the other hand is made with the backing of over 50 years’ experience. This ensures your purchase is coming directly from one of Europe’s leading specialists in handmade European hair wigs. From the minute you pick up the phone, or walk through the door for a consultation, the team of dedicated designers, and crafts people, will ensure you receive a service which is second to none. From your initial request through to the final fitting and styling you will be dealt with by a professional team. This unique personal service aims to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

The wigs with a strong yet light foundation, weigh less than a gram and will appear virtually invisible against the skin. With 70,000 hairs singly hand knotted onto the foundation you will soon feel that this provides a natural lift and bounce, just like a real head of hair. Your finished handmade wig will also be cut and dressed in the salon by a specialist hairdresser enabling you to choose any style you wish, making you look and feel amazing.